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Meagher Pest Control termite treatments to all homes and businesses in Southern Illinois. If you have a termite problem call an expert you can trust. Call us today at Meagher pest control!

Signs Of Termite Activity & Damage

Termites in Southern IL

Did you know that termites are responsible tor over 5 billion damage to home owners each year? (According to the USDA) Unfortunately more often than not covered by home owner’s insurance. It’s a no brainer that protecting your biggest asset, is a smart move.  

The simple truth is if you have termites, you need to take care of it ASAP. If you don’t have visible termite activity, it still in your best interests to get on our termite protection program. In either case, contact us and we’ll have a termite licensed technician inspect your home and provide a quote at no cost.    

Thorough inspection, swift treatment, are essential for exterminating and preventing a termite infestation.  Our tried and proven methods of termite control exceed the industry standards. Just like most of the country, termites are a common problem in Mt Vernon and surrounding areas.  

Termite Treatment Types

Liquid Treatments

  • Liquid treatments effect termites immediately, slowing and stopping them in their tracks. This also provides a residual barrier from future infestations.
  • Typicalls, liquid treatment may be applied on the inside, outside and within the home’s foundation. This is effective in providing a protective area around the home.
  • Liquid wood treatments may be injected directly into active termite infestations.

Bait + Monitoring

  • First, monitoring stations are placed in specific locations around your home to detect and access termite activity.
  • After termite activity is determined, the monitoring stations are swapped with the bait devices. Next, the termites eat the bait and even share it with with the rest of the colony. For more questions about termite treatments just call or text us. 
Termite Treatment IL
Termite Liquid Treatment

Termite FAQS

  • The cost of a Termite Treatment varies based on the type of treatment and the linear footage of the area being treated for termites. Be weary of companies that offer budget termite treatments as they might be cutting corners. Remember your home is your biggest investment.
  • Cost to Control or Inspect for Termites
  • National Average$528
    Typical Range$372 – $723
    Low End – High End$250 – $950

Around Southern IL most termite control is done by applying liquid treatments to the soil around the house. Some companies prefer bait stations. In the liquid treatments, non-repellents often are injected around a home’s foundation. New home builds have a termite pre-treatment which typically lasts up to 5 years.

You should plan to have your home inspected for termites once a year. Termite control is an essential part protecting of your home. Termites are found valley wide and its not a matter of if you get them, but when. Our technicians are trained to spot termite activity during your regular pest service as well, giving you an early warning. 

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Other Services

We are equipped and trained to solve all your pest problems and offer specialty services like termite treatments, rodent control and bed bugs. We also do commercial services as well. Meagher Pest Control is located in Southern IL and serve the entire area including Centralia IL, Mt Vernon, Salem IL, and Benton il.