Home Maintenance Program


Our approach to protecting your home from unwanted critters is environmentally friendly, health conscious, and effective. Say goodbye to unwanted pests in and around your home.


We have found that most common house hold pests can be controlled with regularly scheduled exterior services. Often times interior services is not required at all. However if an infestation occurs your service will come with a guarantee.


The most common questions we get asked is if the products we use are safe for small and pets. The answer is yes. However as a company we feel it there is no need to apply products into your home unless it is necessary to tackle a specific pest problem. An exterior service eliminates this fear. If there is a need to apply products inside of your home we will do so in a safe manner and will answer all questions you might have.


No more scheduling conflicts. The day before your home is scheduled for service you will receive either a text or phone call with a time frame of the service. After the service is performed we will leave a door hanger on the front door to verify the service is done. You will not have to come home early, meet us on lunch, have someone come over to unlock to door etc…


Your home will be treated every other month after your initial service.  We will perform 1 interior service in the winter months. We will not perform services on your home in inclement weather. Your home will be serviced when YOU need it not when we need money.


Our every other month service (Typically $85) provides more value at an affordable rate when compared to the national exterminators. Rest assured we won’t be locking you into any contracts. Our Home Maintenance Program is perfect for the family who wants year round pest protection from a company they can trust. 

We have found that scheduling and route management is key to staying efficient. The regular scheduled exterior service eliminates us from “Kris Crossing” town and in return lowers our fuel and labor costs. We can then pass this savings onto you.

This plan covers all “common” household pests. It does not cover Termites, Fleas, Bedbugs, Rodents, or wildlife. However with the exception of wildlife we will offer the other services mentioned at a discounted rate.