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Meager Pest Control proudly provides 5 star pest control solutions in Centralia IL. We can handle anything from common house hold insects, to bee or Wasps, and everything in between. We are known for our effective termite treatments as well. Since 2015 we have taken care of local residents’ and businesses’ exterminating needs. We treat out customers like neighbors, not numbers. We are 100% local and love being a part of the community. Give us a call or text today for a free quote (618) 315-5212


Centralia IL

The City of Centralia is located in south central Illinois, and is home to more than 13,000 people according to the 2010 US Census.  Centralia was formed in 1853 by the Illinois Central Railroad (from which it derives its name as the center of the rail system in Illinois). The City was incorporated in 1859. The community was built on agriculture, railroad, coal and oil and is uniquely located within four counties – Clinton, Marion, Jefferson and Washington. Mt Vernon IL, Salem IL, Wayne City, Fairfield are all close by.