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Below is the list of the most common questions we get asked about. Remember you can always call or text us your questions at (618) 315-5212

Frequently Asked Questions

By using high quality products that are time released and applying IPM principles, a Bi-monthly service has proved itself to be very effective and safe in our area in controlling our unwanted pests.

Yes it is. We aim to please and will come back to service your home between regular appointments at no charge to handle any unforeseen infestation! No “ifs” ands” or “buts.” Just excellent service

You bet! We will typically send  a text message out the day before the service.  You will also receive a text once the service is complete from the technician that completed the service. 

Because the vast majority of infestations start outside, that is our main area of focus so typically no. Just ensure your gate is unlocked and potentially protective dogs are secured. Our technicians will take care of the rest!

Payment is expected at the time of the service. To make it convenient for you we have a auto payment option available.

Your first service “flushes out” many pests that have been nested around your home. So, it is common to see a slight increase in pest activity for the next couple weeks. Also please be mindful that  it is a process to pest control. It will not happen over night and could take several treatments. Your Tech will explain to you what they saw during the inspection/service, what they did to start the process in tackling the pest issue and what will happen next to insure a pest free home. 

After your first service, we’ll see you every two months for a regular treatment. That way, we hope to prevent pests from breeding and causing problems around your property.

The simple answer to this questions is yes.  The reason being we would never apply any product in a manner that would be harmful to any human or pet.  However we may require area to be vacant for sometime following a treatment.  This is usually only necessary for certain treatments such as fleas or a heavy German roach infestation.  If you have any questions about the safety of the products or would like to request the product information please ask your tech. 

Pest Control FAQs
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